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As a teacher, counselor, or administrator, it's important to be trauma-informed. But how do you know if a student is trauma-affected and what do you do about it? TIP™ offers tools and materials to proactively identify and help struggling students.


Getting a student to open up about their life can be difficult. We give you the tools to bridge the communication gap.

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Once you've connected with your students, our materials help you teach students to cope and get back to learning.

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Helping trauma-effected students can make a big difference in their lives. Transform your classroom with TIP.

About TIP

Our Mission
TIP was created to give teachers, counselors, and administrators the physical tools and materials they can use to help all students – particularly students affected by traumatic stress.

Our Story
TIP was founded by Dan Harnsberger, a teacher. Dan believes teachers can do more to improve the socio-emotional experience for students in classrooms so they can better engage in learning – particularly trauma-affected students.

Dan taught in classrooms where the majority of his students were experiencing trauma-related toxic stress which caused them to struggle to engage in their academics. Believing that teaching is an art form, he came up with strategies of his own to get students’ minds out of survival mode and into engaging in academics.

Wanting to do something more tangible, Dan started asking other teachers how they implemented trauma-informed practices. After hearing what other teachers were using in their classrooms, he was inspired to do more.

The products available at TIP are intended to be implemented by teachers artfully. The guides that come with the products help outline ideas for their use, but we know each teacher will find their own way to use them in a manner that makes a difference in students’ lives.

We are a proud supporter of the Horizonte Scholarship Fund

Meet Our Team

Karen Brittain

TIP Author

Middle School Teacher

Miguel Cervantes

TIP Artist

Daniel Harnsberger

M.Ed. | Ed.D. Candidate

Dylan Harnsberger


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